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Thank you for visiting my website. So who am I and what is Educare? I came across this word, Educare, while reading a book on mind-body healing about 20 years ago. I was working for an employer at the time but knew that this would be the name of my eventual practice. Two years later I opened my practice. Educare, in its Latin origin, means to draw forth from within. It also means learning that leads to wholeness. So my counseling process, as well as my own personal perspective, is living a life that draws forth our innate wholeness through learning and experiencing the Sacred that dwells within us all. This Sacred wholeness then lives through us, enriching and enabling us with profound positive effects.

My Doctorate in Human Development Counseling along with numerous other trainings, mentors, teachers and my clients assisted me in realizing that we are each evolving beings with ever growing awareness toward this desired wholeness. The counseling process that I follow is accepting the individual where he or she is, no judgment. We are where we are for various meaningful reasons. Acceptance allows forward movement.

This movement forward is encouraged and supported with guidance and intervention methods that assist in expanding awareness. Expanding our awareness alters our perspectives and emotions, freeing us from stuck spots and those ever-frustrating looping patterns that we experience. The result is your greater awareness, greater knowledge, skills and empowerment as you reconnect with your Sacred Self. This process leads us to what I have come to call the One Truth. That is, we are each of Love with pre-existing eternal love-worthiness. Allowing and receiving this Truth brings healing and freedom to live as you intend.

Mission Statement

The overriding purpose of counseling is to assist the client in living from his or her highest and best self. This highest self operates from a spiritual perspective, drawing on broad and deep awareness to perceive, think, feel and behave creatively and constructively.

This goal of living from highest self is accomplished through two general processes. The first step is identifying and transforming old, residual beliefs that limit human functioning. The second aspect of the change process involves accessing and living from our highest spiritual self, manifesting this element in our life.

It is my intention that the materials and resources of this site will contribute to developing our wellbeing.

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