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This page offers trainings for professionals. Below, you can read about the theoretical perspective of the training and the two levels currently being offered. Please contact me with questions or to register for the trainings.

Source Theory of Human Development

This theory and training provides an understanding into human nature along with methods to gain greater awareness in order to enhance human development. The ultimate aim of this development is reach a level of connectedness with the spiritual realm as a healing and life-guiding resource. The framework of this training is what will be called Source Theory.

This theory assumes that we each seek a sense of self-worth or love-worthiness. From what source do we seek this sense of worth? What factors impede this search and diminish our felt worth thus, impeding our development? How can we resolve these misconceptions to regain our original, pre-existing true worth? We ultimately seek this sense of worth through our connection with the One Source, unconditional love, God by any other name.

While Source Theory asserts that we search for a source of self-worth or love-worthiness, there already exists a natural order, a healthy order from which we derive our sense of worth. This arrangement places the One Source as the origin of our worth. We then receive this, verifying our lovability. From here we extend out into the world from a place of sufficiency, sharing this with others. We also then share this worthiness in our relationship with nature and animals.

However, disordering of this natural arrangement happens in response to emotional trauma. We each experience some sorts of emotional trauma in this life. Our lower self, ego, misinterprets this traumatic event, shifting the source of worth to something or someone external to our self, the people or situation present during the trauma. Ego self can only draw on an external orientation so it looks outside of self for the new source.

The traumatizing person and situation become endowed with the power to take or give life so that we now pursue them to regain our felt lost worth. A new but invalid source of worth takes its place at the top of the hierarchy. The healing process involves restoring the natural order where the individual gains a sense of unconditional worth from the ever reliable One Source.

Another aspect of Source Theory is that we are the source of our mental-emotional states, including beliefs and actions. While we serve as source for this, our mental-emotional states result from an interaction effect. We observe an event and then apply our perspective, existing beliefs and reasoning to create our mental-emotional state and chosen responses. The dynamics of this theory parallel the Source Theory developed many decades ago by Julian Schwinger in Theoretical Physics.

This interaction effect that serves as source of our mental-emotional state verifies that we create our own reality, an offshoot of the factual events. This reality is a relative and artificial creation yet, when treated as fact, holds immense self-directing, self-fulfilling power. But this creation does not naturally pre-exist. In counseling of any sort, we are in essence just seeking to reverse the interaction effect, allowing higher awareness to interpret and restore pre-existing self-worth and deficit free choice.

The perspective about our human nature here loosely identifies two general centers from which we function and interpret events. We think, emote and take action based on the level of functioning. The two basic levels of functioning include the lower level, known as primitive brain, limbic system, ego-self and its various aliases. This level has limited abilities of thought, emotion and behavior. Its ways of perceiving and processing information create what we come to call problems.

We will identify the perceiving and thinking styles of this level so that we can understand the dynamics of how problems come to exist. We can then address and actively elevate the functioning level to rise above problems. While not exactly creating solutions, this is more removing problems to find the pre-existing self-worth and then effectively create from here. The principle is that solutions pre-exist problems.

The higher level or higher self, eternal-self, among other names, makes up the other center from which we perceive, process, choose and engage in life. The degree of awareness from which any of us perceive and make meaning of our experiences determines our beliefs and choices. The amount of awareness we bring to any life experience also determines our self-concept. This set of beliefs about self, others and life tend to perpetuate themselves as a self-justifying system.

The process of human development, as nurtured through the methods of this training, involves raising consciousness and then bringing this increased awareness to beliefs, emotions and behaviors created by constricted awareness. Higher awareness is brought to constricted awareness allowing the life event to be processed by our advanced abilities.

This higher level, eternal-self, possesses the capacity to expand awareness into the infinite-eternal realm to a state of pure being in union with Source or God by any other name. Human development means that we learn how to draw on this infinite capacity for awareness and apply this in our lives, allowing our true human nature to express from our highest self into our life.

The use of imagery, awareness expansion methods and hypnotic techniques provides a way to break free from the constrictions of the lower level conscious mind. This separating allows access to the higher self and the functioning available here. Through the training you will learn how to shift from lower consciousness to higher consciousness. You will also learn the properties of the higher consciousness and ways to effectively apply these for personal development.

The training and associated guidebook is divided into two parts, the obvious and the subtle elements of problems and solutions. Problems consist of unwanted interaction effects. Solutions consist of accessing self-worth and applying this in restoring your natural order. The obvious element consists of the already manifested more easily detectable interaction effects, white as it might be called. This includes mental-emotional status, overt symptoms and all active thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The subtle consists of the untapped, embedded yet to manifest pure potential, dark, as it may be known. Each possesses its own power for positive change.

Source Theory of Human Development

Level I

This unique workshop introduces what is referred to as Source Theory. What is the source of our self-worth and where do we find it? Emotional trauma plays a major role in affecting our sense of worth and believed source of worth thus, affecting our development. In this didactic and experiential workshop we will identify dynamics of lost worth and apply intervention methods to resolve emotional trauma, allowing access to original worth as unconditionally supplied by the One Source, Spirit. This Source provides awareness and resources to further develop.

The material of the workshops combines Source Theory with theories and practices from Human Development, Gestalt Psychology, NLP, Neuro-semantics ™, Jungian Psychology, Buddhism and Theoretical Physics. The format includes teaching the theories, concepts and application of various intervention techniques to restructure limiting beliefs and the effects of emotional trauma. These processes lead to reconnecting with our Spiritual Source of worth. Participants will be given demonstrations of these techniques as well as ample time to practice these methods in the workshop. In essence, the training is a collection of theory-based methods that assist in expanding awareness which then allows natural development.

The training consists of two days with six hours of training each day for a total of 12 hours of continuing education. The prerequisites include an educational level of a master’s in Psychology, counseling or similar field. Certified life coaches and hypnotherapists are also invited to participate. The fee includes a training manual.

Date: October 3 and 4 (Saturday-Sunday) 9-4 each day
Location: Educare Counseling 1204-B East Washington St Greenville, SC 29601
Contact: johnjburton@bellsouth.net 864-467-1077
Fee: Early registration (by September 15) $210. After September 15, $240.
Ceu’s: 12
Presenter: John Burton, EdD LPC LPCS

Dr. Burton holds a doctorate in Human Development Counseling from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. He has over 30 years of work as a professional counselor and workshop presenter. He is licensed as a Professional Counselor and Supervisor. Dr. Burton is certified as a Fellow by the National Board for Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is also certified as an NLP Master and Reiki Master. He currently maintains a counseling practice in Greenville, South Carolina.

The topics include:
  • Source Theory
  • The natural order and the disordering due to trauma; recovering lost self and Source
  • The Human Development concepts of Jean Piaget as crucial ingredients in problems and solutions
  • Shifting orientation from external to internal to eternal
  • You are not the energy, only the shaper
  • Reaching neutral, ways of achieving non-attachment
  • Raising consciousness and its applications; emotional trauma and resulting depression, anxiety, anger
  • Finding your personal energy signature through connecting with Source
  • Parts therapy including shadow work, finding Source in all
  • Timeline therapy® as a way of resolving personal myths and clearing your future
  • Forgiveness, letting go in order to have; how to reach inside and reclaim your self

Source Theory of Human Development

Level 2

The second level of training in Source Theory builds on the material of the first level. In this training we will explore, identify and access the subtle, untapped potential residing in unconscious mind. The realm here holds immense opportunities to bring about desired change that moves us along our natural developmental path. The training involves the principles of Gestalt Psychology as it relates to perception. We will learn how to be in charge of perceptions rather than perceptions being in charge of us. This training also addresses the birth of beliefs, the myth of cause-effect, the power of beliefs and how to rise above beliefs to gain a clearer perspective. We find new and freeing meaning for old events, altering the effects of traumas. We will access the place of pure potential, come to know and apply this as a resource for human development. The workshop will finish with some methods for self-care as a therapist.

Date: November 7 and 8 from 9-4.
Location: Educare Counseling 1204-B East Washington St. Greenville, SC 29601
Contact: John Burton, EdD LPC LPCS 864-467-1077 johnjburton@bellsouth.net
Fee: $210 before October 25, $240 after October 25
CEU’s: 12

Topics include:
  • Gestalt Psychology; How we perceive and create our beliefs
  • The power of beliefs, how to access and modify them
  • How we make and unmake meaning of events in life
  • Time and space as points of intervention
  • Distinguishing between the ego self and the wise self in hypnosis
  • You are not the energy, only the shaper
  • The power of the void, the origin, the great transformer-reset
  • Through the wormhole
  • Finding your energy signature through visualizing
  • Busting the myth of cause and effect to free yourself
  • Messages from your future self
  • Self-care before, during and after session

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