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Audio Excerpt

This recording is an excerpt from my latest book, The Sacred Sequence; Remembering the One Truth. This book contains the material of the workshop by the same name. You can listen to chapter one from the book so that you can get an idea of the perspective and content. Please feel free to e-mail me with comments, questions or to order the now available book.

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Hypnotic language; Its Structure and Use (CD)

As presented by the author;
Approximately 9 hours in length. $52.00.

Super Stating (CD)

What happens when 4 individually effective emotional states converge into a super state? The perfect state! Find out what they are and ways you can apply them in your life. Approximately 90 minutes in length.$15.00

For reviews of books by Dr. Burton please go to:  www.crownhouse.co.uk
Then search for “John Burton” in the site and click on any of his books about which you’d like to read reviews.

States of Equilibrium (CD)

Now available on CD, this approximately 7 hour audio explores out relationships with our states of emotion. Everything we do, we do from one emotional state or another. It is suggested that we naturally gravitate toward internal emotional balance; equilibrium. How do we come to utilize or avoid certain states in our life that make for balance or imbalance? What factors influence our relationship with our states? How do we restore equilibrium and what are these traits? These and more questions are answered in this presentation that combines human development, cognitive processes and state dynamics to explain our ways of being human.

Stories to Remember (CD)

Now available: a 43-minute audio CD of 12 “Stories to Remember.” These metaphorical stories and contemplative pieces assist and guide the listener to an experience of remembering the inseparable unity with the all-loving energy of this universe: God. The inspired Native American flute music of Marina Raye gently accompanies these stories in the background through this journey of remembering. The price for this truly transformitive CD is $25 and shipping is free. Please contact me to order your CD.

This CD was recorded in mp3 format.


The Sacred Sequence

$10.95 plus $3.00 for shipping.

This book guides the reader though the maze from trauma-based and ego-based illusions to experience the One Truth in union with the One Source.

States of Equilibrium

Signed copies $33 includes shipping.

For reviews of books by Dr. Burton please go to:  www.crownhouse.co.uk
Then search for “John Burton” in the site and click on any of his books about which you’d like to read reviews.

Understanding Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns; A Comprehensive Guide.

This book contains 240 pages of material. Chapters include deeper development of the concepts utilized in hypnotic language, methods for you to develop your own insight into client’s issues and ways to develop your own language patterns. The bulk of the book includes numerous case examples along with the behind the scenes, or behind the language, reasoning that led to the expressed hypnotic language pattern.

Of this book, Steve Lankton says; “Dr Burton’s conceptualization that our perceptions bind our awareness to the resources or problems we find….is brilliantly written and a much needed contribution….”

Judy Pearson states; “….an opportunity to travel into the genius mind of John Burton where words wield a gentle, trance-inducing power and impart life-changing possibilities.”

$42 includes S&H

Additional Recordings

For three additional recordings done in an interview format with Mark Ryan you may go to: http://podcastprofessionals.com/index.html

This site contains three interviews that address abbreviated version of both Hypnotic Language and States of Equilibrium. The third interview involves an abbreviated version of super-stating.


The Next Wave

States of Equilibrium as presented by the author- approximately 6 hours of material

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