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Stories to Remember

This page, added in Autumn of 2011, offers a unique service to people who want to remember their own spiritual origins and better connect to the Divine Energy in their own ways. Too often we encounter prescribed or dogmatic ways that supposedly lead us back to the One Energy of the universe.
The service I offer here is an extension of my counseling work with clients over the last 28 years. These metaphorical stories, contemplations and practical spiritual perspectives assist in expanding your awareness. This expanded awareness then allows you to relieve emotional wounds and gain the freedom from conscious mind imposed limits. You can then access the place of all possibilities present on the One, the All-loving.
Whether consciously or unconsciously, we each strive to reconnect and remember our infinite-eternal relations with the One, the All-loving. Some aspects of our self are unrestricted and free to remember and enjoy a sort of God consciousness. However, since we each experienced some degree of emotional trauma, other aspects of self remain stuck at various points of our spiritual evolution. It is these stuck aspects of self that lead to the big three emotions; anger, sadness and anxiety and all of their fear-based variations. Self-limiting behavior follows this.
Through the use metaphorical stories, and freeing spiritual truths,  you can reach and reclaim these stuck, fearful parts of self. The stories to remember provide you with a guided pathway from your place of restriction back to reconnecting with your infinite-eternal self and the All loving God.
How do you use this service? It’s quite simple really. Just provide me with a brief description of an issue that you find troubling in your life, your point of view about this issue and times you have progressed and regressed. Briefly describe your fears and your loves. I’ll e-mail you back to clarify the information you provided me.
Please feel free to contact me by e-mail to discuss this unique service and the various options and fees depending on the experience you choose.

Now available: a 43-minute audio CD of 12 “Stories to Remember.” These metaphorical stories and contemplative pieces assist and guide the listener to an experience of remembering the inseparable unity with the all-loving energy of this universe: God. The inspired Native American flute music of Marina Raye gently accompanies these stories in the background through this journey of remembering. The price for this truly transformitive CD is $25 and shipping is free.

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This 25 minute audio piece is designed to help expand your awareness and thereby access your unlimited unconscious mind for a wonderful aha! and ahhhh! experience.This dowload may take from 2 to 5 minutes depending upon your connection to the Internet.

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